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We help Market Stall Vendors grow their Local Market Business

This online directory provides an online platform for Market Stall Vendors to connect and engage with their customers and be found online

If you find your local market stall listed in the directory, then you have the opportunity to CLAIM YOUR LISTING and take ownership of your local market stall presence on our online directory platform.  Provisional listings that appear in the online directory have minimal information and are not updated by the Markets Near Me team.  A market stall listing can be claimed by you if you are the owner of the listed local market stall business.

View a demo Market Stall Vendor listing

To help you better understand what you will be able to create as a market stall vendor, we have created a DEMO MARKET STALL LISTING which provides an idea of what a claimed market stall vendor listing looks like.

You can also view the plan options to get a better indication of the functionality and other value added benefits beyond the directory listing.

Our Value Offering to Market Stall Vendors

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Benefits of claiming your directory listing

By claiming your online directory local market stall listing, you will be able to update your local market stall information and manage your online directory listing on the Markets Near Me platform.  This will help create an online presence for existing and new market stall businesses.  To claim the local market stall listing, find the market stall listing in the online directory and click on CLAIM LISTING when viewing the listing.  This will direct you to through to the signup process to claim your market stall listing.

Once you have signed up, then you can complete the process to create and update your online directory market stall listing for your local market.

If I cannot find a listing for my market stall - can I still list in the directory?

The online directory is open to all Market Stall Vendors currently operating from Local Food & Craft Markets, food festivals and similar events that take place anywhere in South Africa.  If you do not have a Local Market Stall, but wish to still list in this directory, you can select the Virtual Market Stall type on your listing.

Although we have uploaded default information for multiple Local Food & Craft Markets across the nine provinces in South Africa, this is by no means a comprehensive list of existing or upcoming new markets.  Unlisted local markets can list in the Market Near Me directory by signing up to get listed.

You can click on the button below to list your local market.

I am interested. How much does it cost and how do I signup?

The online directory is open to all Local Food & Craft Markets, food festivals and similar events as well as to market stall holders operating at any of the local markets and / or that wants to list their business in the online virtual marketplace.  The pricing is as follows:

Monthly cost - R345 pm

Annual cost - R3,450 pa (pay for 10 months & get 2 months free)

You can click on the button below to list your market stall.

Are there any promotions / discounts on the plans?

We are currently running a launch promotion of up to 25% off on the membership subscriptions.  See the membership plans page for more details.